Storage for sports equipment

Skis, surfboards, bicycles, etc. Sports equipment can be bulky and tricky to store in a house, flat or on your business premises during the low season. But it's really important to store your expensive equipment in optimal conditions to protect it.

This is why HOMEBOX operates ultra-secure self-storage facilities, allowing our customers to store away their sports equipment and retrieve it in perfect condition the following year.

Why should I put my sports equipment in storage?

Storing your sports equipment in a suitable unit will obviously extend its lifespan, but that's not all.

For private individuals, keeping your sports equipment in a storage unit is a very good alternative if: 

  • You've decided to buy your sports equipment rather than hire it, but you don't have enough space to store it at home
  • You practice a seasonal sport or activity and plan not to use your equipment for several months at a time (winter sports, sailing, etc.)
  • You have a yacht and want to protect your equipment from theft
  • You don't want to transport your equipment from your home to your holiday destination
  • You need to make more room in your home for renovations or to accommodate a new child

For professionals, self storage is particularly suitable when your business is seasonal. For instance, you can store your winter sports equipment in summer and your bicycles and hiking gear during winter.

Vélos rouges et multicolores en rang

What type of sports equipment can I store?

Whether in Quimper, Chambéry, Bourg-Saint-Maurice or Perpignan, our teams are used to storing a wide range of equipment: 

  • Winter sports: skis, poles, snowboards, sledges, snowshoes, helmets and goggles, overalls, etc.
  • Water sports: surfboards, sailboards, paddle boards, diving equipment (wetsuits, fins, etc.) or boating equipment (lifejackets, fenders, paddles, etc.).
  • Cycling: road bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, helmets, water bottles, baskets, pumps, trailers, tyres, etc.
  • Outdoors: camping (tents, mobile home furniture), fishing (rods, floats, buckets, reels, etc.), golf (clubs, cart, shoes, etc.), climbing (ropes, helmets, harnesses, etc.), kayaks, etc.
  • Fitness: dumbbells, benches, pull-up bars, etc.

Safe, clean and accessible spaces

Some sports equipment can be very expensive, sometimes the purchase of a lifetime. So keeping it clean, dry and secure is crucial. Unfortunately, spaces such as the garage, cellar or garden shed rarely meet these requirements, and prolonged storage can even damage the equipment.

Opting for HOMEBOX self-storage means that you are guaranteed a storage unit that is protected by an individual alarm, a fire alarm and a video surveillance system.

Our self-storage facilities are also accessible 7 days a week from 6 am to 11 pm (and even 24 hours a day on request), so you can get a head start on the season or retrieve your equipment whenever you want if there's an early snow or a long summer.

But that's not all. Each facility offers a range of additional services to make storage easier for you, such as: 

  • Self-service trolleys and pallet trucks
  • Free high-speed WiFi
  • Archiving and storage equipment for sale
  • Unloading bays for heavy goods vehicles

Finally, our storage units are praised by our customers for their cleanliness and the quality of the ventilation. This helps us maintain a stable temperature and humidity level at all times, keeping the stored equipment in perfect condition season after season, so they can even be passed on to the next generations!

Personne récupérant son matériel de ski dans un centre de garde-meuble HOMEBOX

Storing my sports equipment at the best possible price

To enable you to store your sports equipment all year round and use it as you wish, HOMEBOX has designed its rental offers with a focus on total flexibility and unbeatable value for money.

Not sure how much space you need to store your fishing or skiing equipment? Our experts can help you work out your needs so that you only rent the unit size you really need. Do you wish to sell some of your equipment or invest in getting more? HOMEBOX allows you to upgrade to a smaller or larger storage unit, at no extra cost!

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our teams or visit them directly at one of our facilities.

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