Key accounts: a dedicated national department

For large accounts, HOMEBOX has set up a dedicated department to meet the storage needs of your field teams in France. A single point of contact follows up on your account and activities in our facilities: from receiving deliveries to storing them in your units and carrying out inventory, HOMEBOX offers flexible storage solutions that take into account the seasonal fluctuations of your activity.


HOMEBOX has over 500 key account clients in France.

HOMEBOX strives to make your operations more efficient by enabling you to receive delivery and store your sales team's POS material, your technical team's spare parts, your archives or any other authorised goods anywhere in France. All with centralised management of your account by your dedicated contact person.

They trust us:

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A storage solution less than 10 minutes away by car, anywhere in France

HOMEBOX, the No. 1 self-storage provider in France, offers your team members unparalleled proximity.

With a network of 400 HOMEBOX or partner storage facilities in mainland France, we can offer secure individual storage solutions, easily accessible by the main roads, less than 10 minutes away by car, no matter where your employees are!

The safety of people and property is at the heart of our approach.

Because the safety of your team members is both your and our priority, HOMEBOX is the ideal partner for managing their local logistics:

  • less travel times to access their inventory,
  • an enclosed environment, with 24/7 video-surveillance and monitoring,
  • an advanced fire detection system,
  • self-service handling equipment and pallet trucks to prevent injuries.

You can rest assured that your staff will always be safe with us, and so will your goods!

Goods delivery service with real-time traceability

Increase efficiency by having goods delivered directly to your employees at HOMEBOX facilities. We have all the equipment necessary to receive parcels and pallets: our facilities have pallet trucks and some are even equipped with loading bays. And thanks to extended opening hours, you won't miss a delivery on a weekday!

As soon as we receive the goods, we enter the reference number into our proprietary IT system to ensure full traceability. This system allows us to notify your team members by text message when their parcels or pallets as soon as their delivery arrives at the HOMEBOX facility. On request, we can even deliver these goods directly to your own premises.

A single point of contact and centralised billing

Whatever your company's needs (adding/removing a storage unit in any of the 400 HOMEBOX or partner facilities, waste management, administrative management of your account, etc.), we will provide you with a single point of contact who can deal with your request as quickly as possible.

And to save time for your accounting teams, your monthly invoice is centralised for all of your storage units, regardless of how many units you use or where they are. Great stuff!

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