Keep your point-of-sale displays and samples in our storage units

Are you participating in a trade show? You have a few square metres where you plan to create an attractive, informative area to welcome your prospects. That means a stand, carpeting, furniture, communication media (posters, brochures, etc.), demonstration tools, etc.

All of these items are especially bulky, but also fragile:  displays are often packed in boxes and need to be handled and stored with care. And don't forget that, you'll also need to account for interactive terminals, large LED screens, samples, etc.

No need to cram all this into an office or workshop: your communication and marketing material deserves secure, dedicated storage.

A storage unit to keep all of your POS material and communication elements in one place. Designing and creating all the elements for your stand takes weeks (or even months) of preparation.

Store them in a HOMEBOX unit while you wait for the big day!

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Pick your strategy: a storage unit near your offices, or close to the trade show?

With the HOMEBOX network and our partners, you can find a self-storage facility anywhere in Europe. And if you are a multi-site company, HOMEBOX can adapt to your needs.

  • Choose your space: anticipate how much space you'll need to store all the elements that make up your stand: HOMEBOX offers units from 0.5 sqm, so the choice is yours! 
  • Store away your material with complete peace of mind: your storage unit is dry and secure, and none of your items (whether a piece of tech or cardboard) will be damaged!

Collect your items: retrieve all your stored items on the day, using a van for instance: storage units are easily accessible and our facilities often feature a loading bay!

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