Easier Home Moving with Self Storage

Moving in two stages

Did you put your home up for sale but it sold much faster than expected? While you're still looking for your new "home sweet home", you might rent a furnished accommodation for a few months or stay with friends... But where are you going to store your belongings in the meantime?

Self-storage rather than moving twice

You've decided to move homes. You pictured something straightforward, taking your belonging from your current home straight into the new one. But your property has already been sold, and you still haven't found the house of your dreams... So where should you store your things?

You could always move into an empty flat temporarily, until you've found your new home. But that would mean moving twice, with double the cost, handling furniture, spending energy packing, unpacking, repacking and unpacking again... And as you know, temporary solutions have a tendency to last longer than we anticipate.

Save money by renting a storage unit when you're moving

It makes a lot more sense to store your belongings temporarily in a self-storage facility. You can stay in a furnished apartment, a hotel, or with friends: a situation that truly feels temporary, and that will encourage you to look actively for your new home! Furthermore, this is a more flexible solution for you. You won't need to give 3 months' notice, which would have been the case if you'd rented an empty home.

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Why choose HOMEBOX ?

Firstly, because HOMEBOX facilities are protected by a video surveillance system as well as anti-intrusion and fire prevention systems. Your belongings will be waiting for you in complete safety. Secondly, because it's a highly flexible solution: you can rent a storage unit for the size and duration you need. Enjoy easy access, no stairs to climb, from 6 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week. So if you're planning to store away your belongings when moving, rent a unit from HOMEBOX!

With over 120 facilities in France and Europe, HOMEBOX offers ideal solutions to make moving house easier. So don't wait any longer and learn more about our pricing options for storage near you!

Renting a storage unit – not necessarily for long

Are you moving but your new home needs some renovation? Don't put your furniture in rooms where you're going to paint the walls or change the floor boards. Even if it's only for a few weeks, self-storage is the word! You won't risk damaging your belongings, and any renovation project is so much easier in an empty home.

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