Short-term storage with HOMEBOX

Because life can be full of surprises, HOMEBOX offers a range of solutions for your short-term storage needs. Do you wish to make some home improvements? Are you planning to rent out your main residence for a while? Learn more on how to keep your belongings safe, for a few weeks or a few months.

What exactly is short-term storage?

Short-term storage is a temporary ad-hoc solution, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. 

However, contrary to some preconceived ideas, it doesn't only refer to partial storage (a few pieces of furniture or boxes) but can also involve a person's entire belongings.

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When should you turn to short-term storage?

When renovating or refurbishing your home

Short-term storage is often used when renovation work is being carried out in your current or future home.

Storing your belongings in a third-party facility allows you to renovate your property or finalise construction work before moving in, or for instance to carry out thermal insulation works while you're living there. This is especially relevant for insulation works on the inside and/or attic space, where the rooms need to be completely emptied.

When moving homes

Leaving a home doesn't always mean moving in a new one right away. Whether it's to give yourself more time to find the house of your dreams, or because there aren't many  properties on the market at the moment, sometimes you have to turn to temporary accommodation.

In this case, third-party storage allows you to put away your furniture and look for a new place to live at your own pace.

This option is also particularly suitable for students who don't want to pay rent over the summer, but still want to keep their belongings close to their place of study.

When renting out your main residence

A major event is taking place where you live and you want to rent out your home to earn extra income? Short-term storage will allow tenants to enjoy a more spacious and tidy living space, while the owner only leaves essentials in the home to prevent potential theft or damage.

We can even offer some advice on how to rent out your main residence in this context.

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When emptying a home after an inheritance

Emptying a flat or a house completely is sometimes necessary when selling a property you've inherited from a loved one. If you do not wish to sell the furniture and objects that belonged to the deceased, short-term storage will give you more time to think things over so you don't have to deal with it during this painful time.

When your home has been damaged

Unfortunately, no home is immune to water damage. Short-term storage allows you to store away your belongings until everything is back to normal.

Furthermore, climate change is also making houses and flats increasingly vulnerable to storms, floods and droughts, and storage may sometimes be required during renovation works.

Why choose HOMEBOX for short-term storage?

Since our founding nearly 30 years ago, we have always strived to offer much more than a mere furniture storage service. Choosing HOMEBOX means benefiting from: 

  • An exceptional network of over 130 facilities in France and 160 in Europe
  • The latest video surveillance, anti-intrusion and fire detection systems
  • Guaranteed cleanliness as well as controlled humidity and temperature
  • 7-day access from 6 am to 11 pm and 24 hours a day on request at several of our facilities
  • The option of changing unit size at any time, and at no extra cost (even for a smaller surface area)
  • Contracts with no commitments and no maximum lease term
  • Advisors on hand to help you choose the right storage unit and assist you with sensitive objects (paintings, photos, documents, delicate textiles, etc.).
  • An on-site shop selling professional equipment
  • Insurance covering all stored goods
  • A delivery reception service at some facilities
  • Etc.
A big thank you to the HOMEBOX team. They were very welcoming, professional, caring, accommodating and attentive! The storage unit was clean, the explanations were clear, and the contract was well explained, with an electronic signature. I highly recommend their services!
Blandine – HOMEBOX Nantes

What is the pricing for our short-term storage services?

Pricing for self-storage depends on a number of factors, including whether the facility is located near a large city, the size of the storage unit and the duration of the rental period.

You can get pricing information online by requesting a quote, or by contacting our advisors by telephone (free call 3007). They will do their utmost to offer you the best possible deal!

Last but not least, we offer free on-site services such as Internet access, the loan of trolleys and pallet trucks and, in some cases, commercial vehicles. Super handy if you're on a tight budget!

"We are very satisfied with our experience with HOMEBOX. From the free loan of a van to the overall process, everything went as smoothly as possible. The team is especially friendly and professional. Special thanks to Charlotte for her patience, commitment and responsiveness. We highly recommend this establishment."

Simone Chabaux – HOMEBOX Strasbourg

How should I organise my belongings for storage?

Although HOMEBOX guarantees the security and cleanliness of its storage units, hazards can still occur during handling or transport. Furthermore, it can be tricky to sort through your things after a long storage period. Here are a few tips to make your life easier and protect your belongings.

First of all, pack as many items as possible in cardboard boxes and make sure to invest in quality ones. Only use second-hand boxes if they are in top shape. Best opt for new ones as they will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to handling. You'll find boxes suitable for books, crockery or clothes in our on-site shops.

Protect fragile items with newspaper or bubble wrap and don't leave any empty spaces in your boxes.

Finally, write down what each box contains using marker to save time when unpacking. Don't forget to mark boxes of crockery and trinkets as "Fragile".

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