Renting a storage unit in 4 easy steps

STEP 1: Visit the nearest HOMEBOX facility

Look for a storage facility near you under the heading "Find my storage unit" on our website.

STEP 2: Find the right unit for your needs

You can calculate the right size for you needs in just a few clicks using our calculator under the "Calculate the unit size you need" section.

Over the phone, an expert will work with you to draw up an inventory of your items, and then calculate the appropriate storage unit size and give you the corresponding quote. They will let you know about the rental process, the supporting documents required and the insurance terms to take out the contract.

STEP 3: Store your belongings safely

The facility provides free self-service access to handling equipment for moving your belongings: hand trucks, trolleys and pallet trucks. Padlocks and supplies (cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, etc.) are also available for sale at preferential rates. When it comes to security, you're the one with the keys to your unit, and the facility is equipped with alarms and surveillance cameras.

STEP 4: Access your belongings whenever you want

Most HOMEBOX facilities offer access 7 days a week from 6 am to 11 pm. When you rent your storage unit, you will receive a personal code to enter the premises outside opening hours.


Find my storage unit

Calculate the unit size you need

Using our simple calculator!