How much does self-storage cost?

Would you like to learn more about the prices of self-storage and unit rental? You're in the right place. Here's a detailed guide on how to choose the right storage solution for you.

How are storage unit rental prices calculated?

At HOMEBOX, we are constantly striving to offer you the very best deal at the right price, whatever your storage needs:

  • short-term storage when moving houses
  • long-term storage for professional reasons 
  • long-term storage for personal reasons
  • lack of space
  • expatriation
  • etc.

Just tell us about your situation and we'll be happy to find the ideal solution at the best price.

Our rates are calculated based on the following factors:

  • the location of the HOMEBOX facility
  • the size of the storage unit
  • the characteristics of the storage unit
  • the insurance coverage

Your facility's geographical location

In the same way that a hotel room does not cost the same in the city centre of a large metropolis as it does on the outskirts of a smaller town, the price of HOMEBOX's storage units varies greatly according to their geographical location. There are significant differences between Paris, other major French cities and towns where property prices are more affordable.

Tip about pricing: if you don't need to visit your storage unit regularly, it can be very advantageous to opt for a self-storage facility that is located further away from the city centre.

The size of your storage unit

HOMEBOX offers storage units from 1 sqm up to 50 sqm, and even more if required. All sizes are available, with 0.5 sqm increments for units under 10m², and 1 sqm increments for units up to 20m². So the first thing to do when calculating the price of your storage unit is to assess the surface area you need. Don't know what size to choose? No problem, we've got two options for you:

  • Calculate the size of your unit using the calculator tool on this page

You can also find advice on choosing the right size of storage unit on our website.

Tip about pricing: We have noticed that some of our customers have a tendency to overestimate the unit size they need, and therefore request quotes for storage units that are too big and therefore too expensive. We advise you to have a phone chat with your HOMEBOX expert before deciding on the size of your storage unit.

Features of the storage unit

Let's get back to our comparison with the hotel industry, where rooms on high floors are generally more popular and therefore more expensive than bedrooms located on the ground floor. Well, in HOMEBOX facilities, the opposite is true! Our most premium storage unit are generally located on the ground floor, close to the front door, and in some case, to areas where you can park your car right outside the unit door (drive service).

On request, we can even install shelving in your premium storage unit. These premium units are rare and can cost more than a similar space in higher floors. However, rest assured that our facilities are equipped with excellent lifts and/or trolleys and pallet trucks to moving your belongings easy for you.

Tip about pricing: In certain HOMEBOX self-storage facilities, some units are only accessible during reception opening hours. These are generally cheaper than those accessible from 6 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week.


Although our storage units are fully secure with alarms, fire detection and video surveillance, users are required to insure all stored belongings. You can opt for insurance coverage through HOMEBOX. This insurance covers the goods stored in your unit against the risks of fire, explosion, water damage and burglary for a monthly fee of €16 (all taxes includes), covering €5,000 in value (other cover amounts are available).

And for the icing on the cake: in most HOMEBOX facilities, we'll even lend you a commercial vehicle to transport your belongings to the storage unit (see specific conditions, only in participating branches).

Learn more about HOMEBOX self-storage pricing in Europe's largest cities by requesting a quote directly:

  • Self-storage in Spain 
  • Self-storage in Andorra 
  • Self-storage in Germany 
  • Self-storage in Switzerland 

Would you like more information? Don't hesitate to contact your nearest self-storage facility.

And to learn more about how self-storage works:

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