Storage for all of life's events

Birth, wedding, separation, etc. Life is filled with ups and downs, joyous and painful stages that put the spaces where you and your loved ones live to the test.

Whether you're looking for the ideal home, welcoming a new member to your family or facing an unexpected event, HOMEBOX can support you every step of the way with flexible, secure and bespoke storage solutions.

Looking for the perfect nest

When a couple is planning to move in together, there's always the matter of furniture and belongings that have been accumulated over the years by both partners...

For couples wishing to start fresh in a new home, or for those wishing to merge their households, renting a storage unit can make the transition period much easier.

Self-storage units are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your specific needs. You can store any pieces of furniture, clothes, tools or valuables that you can't keep in your new home. A storage unit offers the flexibility you need when looking for the ideal home, so you don't have to make hasty decisions.

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The family is growing

The arrival of a new-born baby often means your home will start to feel really small... Should the child have their own room? Do you need to create a new room? Should you even move houses? Where should you store push chairs, changing bags, car seats, high chair and all the toys?

For parents who want to make space without having to start major renovations or leave their home, HOMEBOX offers storage units that can be used as a genuine extra room. Clean and well ventilated, our self-storage facilities can house even the most sensitive belongings. For instance, you can temporarily store unnecessary items to free up space for your child, or keep childcare equipment until you're ready for another little one.

Clean, practical storage with a very efficient service! A big thank you to Caroline, the agency advisor. She was very friendly and helpful when I booked my storage unit.
Michel E.

When the children leave the nest

When children leave home to study or start their first job, it is both an achievement and a very emotional time for parents.

In juste a few days, busy bedrooms are transformed into storage areas for furniture, clothes and toys that are no longer needed, but still hold strong sentimental value.

However, it is also an opportunity to reorganise the home by putting your children's belongings in storage. Self-storage allows you to preserve these memories while freeing up space in the house for new projects. Whether you want to turn these rooms into offices, hobby rooms, more functional storage space or even rental accommodation for additional income, our storage units are a simple option for redesigning your home without sacrificing what you hold most dear.

Going through a break-up or divorce

On top of the emotional burden, a break-up or divorce often requires numerous administrative formalities, and also moving houses.

Whether you're moving out of the marital home into a smaller flat, a shared flat or a room at a relative's, you can use a self-storage facility to store your belongings and access them at any time, while saving money on accommodation. It will also give you extra time to find the new flat or house of your dreams.

A storage unit is a secure, neutral storage option while you divide up your belongings in a separation context where there might be conflicts.

I would recommend Homebox 100%. The team is very professional and attentive, and was able to support me throughout the entire process. Many thanks to the team!
Fiona L.

Managing the deceased's belongings when losing a loved one

Unfortunately, the loss of a loved one often requires the family to deal with the deceased's possessions. Sometimes it's necessary to empty their home in order to put it up for sale or rent.

During this difficult time, a storage unit can provide a little respite to store away these belongings in a place that is suitable for fragile or valuable items.

It can prove useful, for instance, if you have not managed to sell all the belongings, if you have inherited furniture that you cannot keep at home, or if you simply do not have the time to handle it at the moment.


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