Governance & Teams



Nicolas Rousselet, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

HOMEBOX was founded by Nicolas ROUSSELET, its current Chairman and CEO of Groupe Rousselet.


Soukaina Arharbi, Deputy CEO

Soukaïna Arharbi joined Groupe Rousselet in 2009. In May 2021, she became Deputy CEO of HOMEBOX.


Vincent Poirot, Deputy CEO

Vincent Poiroit joined Groupe ROUSSELET in 2013. In May 2021, he became Deputy CEO of HOMEBOX.

Our teams

The strength of the HOMEBOX brand lies above all in the talent of its teams.

We are more than 300 employees in 6 countries, united around a committed corporate culture, based on caring, a sense of service and support for our customers.

Autonomy and initiative are widely encouraged and valued. In this respect, internal promotion is a key focus for our management, with an emphasis on developing the skills and promoting our employees' career development.


Making inclusion one of our key priorities

Inclusion is at the heart of HOMEBOX's CSR policy and HR processes.

This approach was initiated in 2022 with our first participation in Duoday: a third of our facilities took part in the programme, with around ten duos trained and followed by an effective implementation among our teams.

And we can still do even better!


Career development is in our DNA

Supported by a fast-growing sector and the Group's investments, our network is expanding every year, offering tremendous career opportunities. At HOMEBOX, you can realistically start your career as a sales assistant and quickly clim through the ranks and take on more responsibilities.

We are committed to ensuring that each of our employees has the opportunity to build a fulfilling career with us.

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Equality and diversity

We firmly believe in people. HOMEBOX has become an industry leader thanks to its incredible talents who have always made the difference for our clients, both in terms of the service quality and support.

Our human resources policy is designed to enable everyone to grow and find their place within a strong team, across the facilities and at our head office.

50% of the management staff in HOMEBOX facilities are women!