Our nonprofit partners

For many years, HOMEBOX has supported its nonprofit partners in their efforts to help people in need. These initiatives are supported by our two Deputy CEOs, our CSR Manager and all our facilities.

Label Emmaüs

HOMEBOX and its network of facilities throughout France have maintained a committed collaboration with Emmaüs since 2017. Our excellent relationship with the nonprofit organisation's local structures has enabled us to expand its scope, by partnering since autumn 2021 with Trëmma, a digital e-commerce platform that aims to sell products from solidarity economy partners as well as from donations.

Many facilities have excellent relations with Emmaüs' local structures, and we carried out a nation-wide solidarity collection operation in 2017. This involved providing a dedicated storage unit where our customers could donate furniture and objects.

As part of this initiative, we asked our facilities to act as communication relays for the Trëmma project. The idea was simple: offer our customers who want to part with some of their belongings (furniture, clothes, etc.) the chance to put them up for sale on the trema.com website. The profits from the sale will be donated in full to a charity project chosen by the customer from Trëmma's selection.

Emmaüs Alternatives

In the same vein as our partnership with Label Emmaüs, HOMEBOX is currently working on a project with Emmaüs Alternative to provide financial support to the nonprofit's initiatives, in particular to develop the Casiers Solidaires (solidarity lockers).

The Casiers Solidaires are vertical lockers located in the streets of partner towns. They are funded by Emmaus Alternatives to provide homeless people with a secure space in which to store  their personal belongings, giving them a permanent, fixed place to call their own.

HOMEBOX is keen to support the Casiers Solidaires project, because it offers a practical and valuable solution for homeless people. They can significantly improve a person's day-to-day organisation and safeguard their belongings.

Le Relais

In 2014, HOMEBOX joined forces with Le Relais, the French leader in the collection, sorting and recycling of textiles. HOMEBOX has provided Le Relais with dedicated areas in its facilities' car parks to install textile collection containers. Le Relais' extensive activities in the field of recycling textiles, household linen and footwear, whilst promoting social inclusion, has led HOMEBOX to renew this partnership in 2022. Indeed, the CSR policy we adopted in autumn 2021 is fully in line with  Le Relais' core mission, especially regarding textile waste collection, for which regulations will require sorting from 1 January 2025.

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