Self-storage for students

A student's life is full of twists and turns as well as unforeseen events. And this adventure that can last from a few months to several years. And students constantly need to thing about accommodation, storage and moving house: moving in or out of a studio, flat-share or sublet may mean having to find a temporary storage solution. To keep your furniture in a safe space for as long as you need it, self-storage is an ideal solution for students.

Flexible and easy to access, HOMEBOX's rental conditions make life a lot easier for students and their families.


The benefits of self-storage for students

Renting a storage unit meets key requirements for both students and their families. Moving houses can be costly and even impossible if your new place can't accommodate all your furniture; and parents may want to use the space left vacant by their child for themselves! Therefore, renting a storage unit is both a practical and simple solution for students.

We operate around 165 storage facilities in France and Europe, with a wide range of storage unit sizes. Students can store their belongings for as long as they need. The whole process is quick and easy. Our storage units are located in secure premises with fire detection, alarm systems and video surveillance. So you can rest assured your furniture and personal belongings are in safe hands.

Finally, if your plans change (if you're moving to study in another city or abroad for instance), the rental contract can be adapted at any time. HOMEBOX offers very attractive rental conditions. The contract provisions cover security, unlimited access at all times, the provision of trolleys to move your belongings from your car to your unit, and we can even lend you a commercial vehicle (see conditions at each facilities).

Why is a storage unit the most cost-effective solution for students?

Students need to keep a close eye on their budget on a day-to-day basis, especially with regards to their accommodation expenses. That's why renting a storage unit can lead to genuine savings. Some students even rent accommodation for a fixed period, and stay with their families for the holidays.

So to avoid having to pay for their student accommodation during the break, they can vacate their accommodation temporarily and move their belongings into a storage unit thanks to flexible rental contracts. We also provide a peer-to-peer storage platform where private individuals can get in touch with each other and rent out a cellar or garage at a most competitive price.

How to rent a storage unit from HOMEBOX?

You can book online, by telephone or directly at one of our storage facilities. We'll set up your rental contract in just a few minutes. However, before you rent a storage unit, make sure you know the size of unit you need!

To this end, use our online service to calculate the adequate size for your storage unit. In just a few clicks, find out how much space you need to store all your belongings. This way, you'll rent the right space for you and avoid unnecessary extra costs.

What are the price criteria for a storage unit for students?

First of all, it's important to note that there aren't any hidden costs. Just like the housing market, our pricing for renting a storage unit can differ depending on geography. The criteria include location of the facility, the size of the storage unit, its characteristics and the type of insurance coverage. The latter covers all stored belongings against the risks of water damage, burglary, fire or explosion.

Our tips for saving money on your storage unit for students:

- Rent a storage unit that is only accessible during reception hours (not from 6 am to 11 pm and 7 days a week)

- Calculate the surface area you need to avoid renting a unit that's too big for you

- Compare quotes from several HOMEBOX facilities. Indeed, prices may vary in the city centre or in the country. So if you don't need to go to the storage facility that often, it's worth looking for something a little further away

- Renting a storage unit offers considerable benefits for students. They can store their belongings in a secure location, while cutting their accommodation expenses, without cluttering up their parents' homes... So don't wait any longer, ask for a quote from the HOMEBOX facilities near you!

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