Archives: use a storage unit to save space

Relying on a dedicated space for archives in your own office can be a challenge. There's no way around storing archives, it's often compulsory, but they are so rarely consulted... So devoting potentially useful space to them makes little sense.

It's better to optimise office space for the well-being of your employees (creating larger offices, creating a rest room or cafeteria, etc.)! As for your archives, they don't need to be on company premises, do they? Simply store them away in a safe and easily accessible place, like a HOMEBOX® storage unit for instance...

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Easily accessible archives

The HOMEBOX's extensive network is unmatched in France, which means you can find a storage unit near your office in almost every region.

Furthermore, your unit is accessible 7 days a week from 6 am to 11 pm, whenever you want and without an appointment. Do you need to pick up an archived file? You can come by without having to warn us in advance.

Rest assured your files are stored in optimal conditions: HOMEBOX facilities are secure and clean.

Store your archives as you see fit

You can rent a storage unit that suits your needs, ranging from 0.5 sqm to 50 sqm. Then it's up to you to store your archives as you see fit: build shelves or racks, keep your files in boxes (your HOMEBOX facility has a shop that can provide cardboard boxes, shelves and storage material) or in plastic crates. Then organise them so you can find what you're looking for in a snap, for improved efficiency!

What happens when your archives have taken over the whole space? Well, you can switch to a bigger unit, or rent a second one. No lease, no transfer fee and no commitment. Super convenient!

How long should you keep your documents?

Here are a few examples:

- A contract concluded as part of a business relationship or correspondence: 5 years

- Documents relating to the guarantee for goods or services supplied to customers: 2 years

- A contract for the purchase or sale of real estate or land: 30 years

- A bank document (cheque stub, bank statement, etc.): 5 years

- A customs declaration: 3 years

- An insurance policy: for the duration the contract, then 2 years after termination

- Accounting: 10 years after the end of the financial year

- All tax-related documents: 6 years

- HR management (pay slips, single personnel register, employment contracts, social security contributions: between 3 and 5 years)

- The articles of association of a company, an economic interest grouping or an association: 5 years from closure or removal from the Trade Register.

- Annual accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes, etc.): 10 years after the end of the financial year

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Your documents are safe 24/7

HOMEBOX offers professionals and businesses all the guarantees they need for their storage: comprehensive security, with fire and intruder protection systems, as well as 24/7 video surveillance.

Optimise the space in your own premises: HOMEBOX's storage units are the flexible and practical solution to meet your specific needs!

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