How self storage can help you declutter ?

Do you need more space in your house or apartment? Do you need to free up an extra room but don't want to part with your furniture? Discover HOMEBOX's storage solutions to gain much need square metres and some peace of mind as well!

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Store your furniture in complete safety

Some pieces of furniture are unique: they tell a story, they're full of memories, you fixed them up yourself, etc. Selling them is out of the question! But what should you do if, after renovation works for instance, a piece no longer fits in your home? How can you clear out the clutter in your interior without parting with the furniture you love?

The most convenient solution is to use a self-storage facility! Rent a storage unit from HOMEBOX and keep your furniture there. You could even rotate your interior decorations according to the seasons and your desires: pick up a chest of drawers from your storage unit and drop off a wardrobe, grab an old trunk and a pretty lamp and store away your sofa, etc. In short, create a "buffer stock" and make your interior pop!

The risks associated with improper storage

Only a self-storage facility offers comprehensive security. Storing furniture in a garage or cellar means exposing it to dust and sometimes damp conditions... Not to mention that in a building's basement, there is a high risk of theft or damage. Conversely, your HOMEBOX storage unit guarantees optimum security: all our facilities are equipped with video surveillance as well as fire and smoke alarms. They are clean, well ventilated and easily accessible, so you don't have to worry about damaging your furniture when handling it.

A bespoke solution with HOMEBOX!

You can rent as much or as little space as you need: 2, 5, 10  sqm, it's up to you! The only risk? You may splash out even more on new furniture at flea markets and garage sales now that you've got room to store your greatest finds!

Our other solutions:

- Renting a storage unit when moving

- Renting a storage unit when carrying out renovation works

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